Matty Crescenzo

Founder & President

Matty Crescenzo is the Founder & President of Valet Health.

Matty has built upon early career experience as a researcher in neuroscience at the NIH, studying learning & memory through brain imaging modalities such as PET, SPECT, and fMRI. He earned neuroscience and biophysics research awards at the Univ. of Illinois and the UH Texas Center for Superconductivity, prior to pioneering a data-intensive methodology to digital marketing.

His unique expertise helps organizations and leaders seeking an online competitive advantage to quickly adapt to dynamic, fast changing trends across the digital landscape. Matty brings 13+ years of experience in digital marketing and web-based technologies in healthcare and across other industries.

Back in 2008, Matty developed a robust digital marketing approach which led to the development and sale of a best-selling SEO software suite on Microsoft’s open source platform called DotNetNuke. He authored 120+ premium content and training modules used to educate over 3,000 U.S.-based and international companies on data-driven digital marketing.

As an early adopter of WordPress and a huge fan of how WP unlocks exceptional value for a digital marketer, from the outset his vision aligned so closely with Co-Founder, Mason James – on both the paramount importance of client experience and data science to drive agile marketing.

In collaboration with Mason and team, Matty has architected a proprietary Predictive Analytics Digital Platform that provides unique competitor and market insights utilized to build and deliver fully managed services programs. While the core framework has been used to track and deliver support on over 100,000+ tickets across industries, the fully managed services solution is tailor made for each client to deliver on quantifiable Return On Marketing Investment.

Matty strongly believes in the importance of servant leadership and teamwork, looking to serve the interests of others before the self. Valet Health’s culture, and treatment of clients in every engagement, is a true testament to those principles.

When he’s not doing all things digital, he’s spending time with his wife and two kids, leading Bible studies and small groups, traveling, playing golf, or attending collegiate and professional sports events.