Mason James

Co-Founder & COO

Mason James is a Partner & COO of Valet Health and wearer of a great many hats, including overseeing business development and team growth.

He started Valet, originally known as the WP Valet, in 2011 as the original WordPress support company, because he couldn’t find high-end help for clients who needed it. Since no one was offering the caliber of support he envisioned, he decided it was time to hang his sign out—becoming a trailblazer in the digital realm.

Mason built the company to provide top-tier holistic support & strategy, and customers kept coming back. Since 2012, its employed a vast array of services, ranging from digital strategy, migrations, maintenance and support to custom design and development. The 18 team members at Valet work tirelessly to know honestly and care about every client—and offer recommendations for their success based on an intimate understanding of their needs, goals, and strategic vision…truly working as digital partners.

Mason is a big believer in building strong client relationships, and he gives clients the help they need so they can focus on their day-to-day business, not worry about their digital strategy, their website, or what comes next. Offering the best experience possible to clients was paramount from day one at Valet.

Mason is a strong and quiet leader, who has crafted Valet into one of the most sought-after support companies and creative agencies. He keeps this ship running smoothly and solves the challenges of remote teams, organization, process, communication, and career advising daily. He’s responsible for a lot of the happiness and great leadership that happens at Valet.

He’s also cultivated his love for public speaking, which he now utilizes to help others, teaching various business topics and evangelizing WordPress and Valet products at events.

When he’s not running Valet, he’s spending time with his family and his pet mini-poodle or scuba diving in the Florida Keys.