Our Solution

Unique Technology: Valet Health leverages its proprietary algorithmic platform harnessing the power of predictive analytics to build and manage customized Digital Growth Programs for acquiring ideal target customer types. 

Optimal Patient Mix: 70% of patients acquired through Valet Health programs are “higher value patients,” e.g. procedure patients.

Efficient Campaigns: 14% traffic-to-lead conversion rate achieved via Valet Health programs vs. 1% avg. conversion rate in healthcare.

Proven Return On Investment: Our tailor-made digital programs prove out predictive growth models to achieve long-term client ROI of 500%.

Why Choose Us

  • Leaders with 50+ Combined Years of Expertise

    Our leadership team has 50+ years of combined healthcare and technology experience at the highest levels, backed by a services delivery team of seasoned subject matter specialists, not generalists. Reduce your risk by partnering with experts who know how to navigate both the complexities of a rapidly-changing digital landscape and healthcare industry challenges. Gone are the days of working with digital service providers in silos, and the frustration of those who over-promise and under-deliver. With Valet Health, our leadership team ensures that that you will have an exceptional client experience from beginning phase Assessment to Managed Services phase of delivering your high ROI.

    • Custom Theme/Plugin
    • Current Best Practices
    • Optimization
    • App Development
    • API Integrations
  • Actual Proof of Program Return On Investment

    While campaign objectives may vary, as Valet Health can target specific patient disease states across medical specialties, capture new patients, and improve payor mix — the ultimate business outcome we deliver is ROI from your investment in a Predictive Analytics Digital Program. On average, we deliver a 2:1 ROI in Year 1, 4:1 ROI by end of Year 3, 6:1 ROI in Year 5 across both paid and organic digital growth channels. If our implementation does not yield a minimum long-term ROI of 500%, we have failed. Together, we are fully accountable for the business outcome with you and work tenaciously to create value and results which cultivates a mutually prosperous business relationship.

    • Quarterly Calls
    • 3rd Party Support
    • Hosting
    • Daily Malware Scans
    • Performance & Site Health Audit
    • Hosting
    • Version Controlled Codebase
  • Fully Integrated Services Solution

    The digital space is fragmented and while individual quality services providers can be found in specialized areas such as Paid Search, Social Media, Online Reputation, it is a herculean task to find all of that under one roof. Valet Health solves that problem by offering a Fully Integrated Services Solution for building & implementing end-to-end Digital Programs powered by Predictive Analytics. The Valet in Valet Health truly means that we do it ALL for you, delivering not only the business result but also serving up rich data insights and learnings to fuel smarter growth. Lastly, we know how it is incredibly painful and time consuming to manage so many vendors let alone how difficult it is to assess quality of performance, as data lives in silos and systems don’t talk to each other. Valet Health is Fully Integrated in all things technical and services delivery, giving you peace of mind. 


Our Capabilities

We Are Subject Matter Experts Leveraging Our Proprietary Predictive Analytics Platform to Power Smarter Growth.


Precision growth through targeting patient disease states & markets across specialties powered by a rich data platform. Scalable, scientific, predictable direct-to-patient marketing. Traditional marketing is a black box. Do more of what’s working, eliminate the guesswork, and finally prove out ROI.


Optimize new patient growth through data-driven A/B campaign testing, heat mapping, and mobile device insights. Any healthcare marketing services provider can drive traffic; our Valet Health team utilizes a robust predictive analytics platform to convert online traffic into new patients.


Behavior-based automated marketing campaigns to nurture patient leads captured and drive deeper engagement. Penetrate existing accounts to maximize revenue across the patient lifecycle. Our experts build and run all your campaigns with full accountability to business metrics that matter.


Proprietary Valet Health Dashboard analytics solution to gain actionable insights for smarter marketing budget allocation and higher ROI. Our in-house digital analysts deliver impactful insights that lead to faster adjustments to competitor dynamics, leading to increased market share.

Client Success

Architected and implemented an end-to-end digital program focused on new patient acquisition which resulted in 6:1 ROI on average year-over-year since 2013. Program success played a pivotal role in scalability, expanding clinics footprint, and delivering competitive advantage in the pain specialty.

- National Spine & Pain Centers,

Drove 70% conversion growth in digital users year-over-year via multivariate testing of specific digital properties. Resulted in a 55% sales increase and reduced cost through spend reduction and rationalization, leading to a 35% decrease in digital marketing spend with no adverse impact to revenue.

- AT&T,

Uncovered rich data insights on competitors in an Assessment which led to a strategic, multi-channel digital program implementation. 56% growth in new patient acquisition with 5:1 ROI. Valet Health is the preferred digital solution provider for Altima Dental, Canada’s largest network of dental clinics.

- Altima Dental,

Deep dive technical assessments performed which led to the migration of dozens of Harvard sites to best-in-class managed WordPress infrastructure. Resulted in 40% reduction in load times, speedier performance across devices with optimal user experience controls.

- Harvard University,

Time Inc. launched an initiative called Media Upstarts to reach a specific target audience segment. We built and optimized eye-catching modern UX design with intuitive opportunities that led to conversion volumes exceeding forecast by 54%. Merged marketing and technical expertise for a truly successful digital program implementation.

- Time Inc,


QUESTIONS? WE CAN HELP. Request a call for the kind of strategic insights that should form the foundation for a true Data-Driven Digital Program for your specialty practice.

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