Our Story

The Inspiration of Valet Health

While innovative technology can be touted as a solution, we firmly believe that a real solution requires the right people who utilize that technology to achieve an end. Not only that, but the right people must be aligned in vision, driven by purpose, and each individually doing the right things with the heart and mindset of serving others first.

Our affiliate, Valet, originally burst onto the scene in 2012 and soon became one of the most respected and highly sought after companies with technical experts in all things WordPress and end-to-end website management. Serving brands such as Time, Etsy, Nvidia, Harvard University, Monster.com and more, the foundation for a best-in-class technical and operational infrastructure was firmly entrenched. In 2013, Valet’s Founder, Mason James, formed and cultivated a special relationship with a seasoned digital expert in Matty Crescenzo. Matty brought a wealth of experience in both digital and healthcare, notably the achievement of spearheading a best-selling digital marketing software suite on Microsoft’s largest open source platform called DotNetNuke and authoring over 120 premium content training modules used to educate over 3,000 U.S.-based and international companies on the quantifiable aspects of digital marketing. 

The nucleus of Valet Health was quickly formed thereafter, with the mission to create a predictive analytics tech platform that could prove systematic ROI through digital channels for integrated health systems and large specialty medical practices. With the addition of Dave Bowen, a healthcare CEO with a stellar track record of 25+ years of experience in growing healthcare technology companies, Valet Health continued its exciting journey. Above all, the common thread amongst its leadership can be distilled to one word… selfless. The faith and values of its leaders inspired a core values model called S.T.A.C.K. 

Valet because we are a Fully Managed Services solution, exceptionally attentive and responsive to clients, always looking to serve the interests of others first. Investing in a digital program with Valet Health as your dedicated solution partner means that you can expect a white glove, VIP experience from the very first conversation all the way through to years of a successful long term partnership. Rest assured that we commit to working tirelessly to prove ROI and create value for your company. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind while you entrust us to navigate unchartered territories of the rapidly changing digital world. We work together as one, we are hungry, and know that we will work tenaciously to deliver the highest priority business result you are aiming to achieve.

Health because we believe that with the rising trends of patients acting as consumers, with greater expectations of a positive online experience higher than ever before, our solution can connect prospective patients with quality care they need. Our breadth of executive-level and specialized expertise in healthcare and technology is a perfect fit for data-driven executives who are seeking a competitive advantage and who care about smarter growth. We aren’t looking for project work nor is our business model one that is based on volume. We care about delivering exceptional quality for clients who are the right fit. We care about cultivating meaningful long term partnerships based on 100% accountability. We care about your business results, exactly like it’s our own business.

Our Values

  • Selfless

    We are a team of servant leaders. Whether it be a healthcare executive strategist, data analyst, search engine marketer, social media advertiser, technical developer, etc. each team member is proactive and fully engaged in the services we deliver. At the core, a selfless approach is one that facilitates a true willingness to give first, not take. 

  • Thankful

    Every day, we begin with the posture of thankfulness for getting to do what we love and enjoying it because we share in the journey with people we care about. Every day, we set out to be better than the day before, competing with tenacity. Great things can be accomplished when you compete with all your might from first being thankful for the opportunity to do something special.

  • Adaptable

    Dealing with the complexities and fast changing dynamics of the digital world on a daily basis requires that we be truly adaptable. We listen closely to your needs, do our absolute best to engage and communicate with clarity in spoken and written forms. We fully understand the pressure our clients are facing for growth and ROI, and that’s why we will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. We adapt and grow with you and your company goals and needs evolve.

  • Collaborative

    Collaboration is one of the fruits and natural outpourings of a servant leader. When we collaborate, our actions carry meaning and purpose. We don’t view it as “checking the box” on what we sent to clients and moving on because we did our part. There will never be finger pointing that we drove great results but your operations dropped the ball and didn’t convert the leads we sent. Collaboration means we will roll up our sleeves to truly understand your business cross-functionally in marketing, tech, AND operations. We frequently will meet with your ops team to uncover insights to empower them to be successful. Long-term ROI cannot be attained in any digital program without meaningful two way communication and ongoing collaboration both in-person and virtually.

  • Keen

    By now, you can see that while our focus is intense when it comes to delivering your desired business outcome, we are truly keen on building relationships that are mutually beneficial over the course of many years. We welcome the most difficult and challenging problems when it comes to creating and building a Predictive Analytics Digital Program that acquire high value patients with proof of a high ROI. We are passionate about what we believe, what we do, and how we serve. We are keen on relationships first and then you’ll quickly see how we know and love all things digital.

Our Leaders