Demand Generation and Growth for ROI

4 out of 5 U.S. adults use the Internet to search for doctors or health information online.

It’s critical for doctors to be visible where patients are. But the big challenge is measuring new patients captured from digital marketing activities.

Get New Patients and Know Your ROI

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Valet Metrix is a data-driven program to capture new patients. Metrix is an algorithmic solution that combines analysis of existing patients, market insights and local competitor analytics, to serve as the foundation. This empowers our Valets to intelligently target and generate new patient leads, showing the sources from which they were captured.

No longer is there a black box, as Valet Metrix gives true measures of Cost Per Acquisition of New Patients and Return On Investment by campaign. Data insights drive actions and growth.

Know Your Patient Population

Prior to building any demand generation campaigns to acquire new patients online, first it’s critical to understand 
a practice’s existing patient population, breakdown of conditions + treatments, and local geographic footprint.

Valet Metrix programs are designed to discover, research and plan the most intelligent way to reach new patients online by more deeply understanding data on existing patients.

Build & Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Valet Metrix is a growth engine fully managed for doctors and client locations, based on analytics models and rich insights.

Recent research shows that 86.6% of U.S. small and medium-sized businesses cite websites as their most important digital marketing asset; however, 60% do not have the personnel to make sense of their web analytics nor do they have the know-how to take action to resolve issues while 75% do not properly use a web analytics system.

Valet Metrix builds and manages digital marketing campaigns across search engines, social media, referral sites, and more.

Grow Smarter, Do More of What Works

Performance dashboard reporting with Metrix is never canned. Valet Metrix is all about quality and precision in growth. We deliver end-to-end build, management, and dashboard analyses to identify next steps for doing more of what works to grow your practice.

The result is knowing which activities capture more new patients most efficiently and quantifying your digital program ROI.

Get peace of mind.

Knowing that you can partner with Valet Metrix experts who can help your practice grow in a meaningful way, backed by data that has substance.