Increase your visibility in search engines and social media channels

With an accurate online presence through LaunchPad 
and a speedy website experience via Basecamp, it’s time to reach new patients with your message, it’s time for Liftoff…

Valet Liftoff attracts traffic volume and educates prospective & existing patients.

Content Marketing

Physicians and staff at medical practices know the importance of patient education. Providing a fresh stream of quality content on their website, blog, and marketing channels is key; however, creating that relevant content from scratch on a consistent basis is the challenge.

Valet Liftoff is a service solution wherein medical content specialists craft new content pertinent to patient population segments, tied to patient experience maps and a comprehensive content marketing roadmap. The outcome is that Liftoff clients are able to grow by attracting the right kind of traffic to their website and blog to educate prospective & existing patients.

Social Media Management

Valet Liftoff includes distributing unique content posts at targeted times across social media channels. Key to social media success is audience engagement and ongoing analysis to see which social sources and campaigns attract the optimal mix of patients and get patients more engaged online.

Spread the word online and across local communities with social content that personalizes and builds up loyal followers. Liftoff connects patients to their doctors and also helps to ensure overall program success by ultimately driving more patient referrals.

Search Engine Optimization

Valet Liftoff has a team of seasoned experts with deep experience running SEO campaigns since 2005. Go beyond search engine rankings and wondering if your site “pops up first” as the marker for success. Liftoff quantifies your ROI from SEO activities that involve both on-page tactics and referral traffic expansion.

Get found in Google but also know what is driving your growth, why, and what Valet Liftoff experts are doing next to level up your organic search presence. Our experts make doctors highly visible.

Referral Traffic Campaigns

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Liftoff measures referral traffic patterns not only of your website but also continuously tracks competitor referral traffic flow.

Frequent, new discoveries via ongoing analysis are added to the content marketing roadmap and the outcome of all of these activities is higher website traffic volume which translates to more new patients.

Lift your practice brand to new heights and finally see measurable growth.

Valet Liftoff is a robust content marketing optimization approach that helps physicians systematically increase their visibility in search engines and social channels to educate potential new patients and engage existing patients. Finally, get content that influences action and get it done for you.