Get accurate online profiles, and positive reviews

4 out of 5 U.S. adults use the Internet to search for doctors & health information (Source: Pew Internet Research)

Valet LaunchPad helps doctors make a great first impression at ½ the cost of competitive solutions.

Quality PLUS Quantity

LaunchPad enhances doctor online reputation by increasing both the quality and quantity of patient reviews.

Your patients are surveyed through point-of-care, email or text, and their positive experiences are routed to the most visited websites, like Google My Business Reviews, WebMD, Vitals, Healthgrades, US News Health, RateMDs, and more.

78% of Physician and Clinic Information is Incorrect

Valet LaunchPad solves the problem of incorrect physician online information across a complex network of health review and local sites, reducing physician online profile error rates down to 0%.

This eliminates consumer confusion, increases patient referrals, and helps search engines provide more accurate results on physicians and practice locations.

Take Ownership of Unclaimed Doctor Online Profiles

Third party sites automatically create profiles, leaving behind unclaimed “rogue” profiles in Google with inaccurate physician and clinic location names. Our fully managed LaunchPad solution claims physician unmanaged profiles and updates them with accurate information and photos within 30 days of LaunchPad service being activated.

Done For You

Valet LaunchPad is a Fully Managed Service Platform, not a do-it-yourself software that requires a learning curve, ongoing management, and training of medical practice resources.

Valet Health specialists handle your setup, execution, and ongoing support with dashboard performance reporting to continuously show the value that LaunchPad delivers to your practice.

Valet LaunchPad Features

Optimized profiles
 (Claiming & Clean-up)

Local Network
 Profile Sites: 46

Priority Health
 Review Sites: 5

Online Appt Request
 Landing Page Funnel

Review Request 
Campaigns Setup

Email/Text message
 review Capture Execution

2nd chance ops alert
 for unhappy patients

Stream best reviews 
to website & social

Report Monitoring
 Insights Trends

Point-of-Care Review Capture

Get Found. Get Peace of Mind.

Valet LaunchPad solves the problem of making physicians more findable online, with accurate information, to deliver a clear competitive advantage. Request your reputation score today and see what Valet LaunchPad can do to help you get found.