healthcare marketing strategies planning

4th Quarter Healthcare Marketing Strategies

With two months left in the year, many healthcare professionals are looking at their numbers and making every effort count….

negative online review on a digital device

The Rewards of a Negative Online Review

Owning a private healthcare practice comes with many challenges that typical small business owners don’t have to worry about. The…

Online Reputation Statistics for Doctors

Almost 90% of physicians claim to be concerned with their online reputation, accuracy of their online information, and management of…

Content Marketing Strategy on Paper

Content Marketing for Healthcare

In 2020, physicians have been faced with many new challenges in attracting new patients, regardless of their specialty. But there…

Smartphone local listings and online reviews for physicians

Why Local Listings are So Important for Doctors

Valet Health Launch Pad helps physicians manage their local listings to ensure accuracy and the most up-to-date information possible. Our…

Choosing the Right Channel for Patient Attribution

When measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) from digital growth programs, physicians should be evaluating data based on patient attribution….


Cost-Effective Practice Growth

The pandemic has accelerated change in the healthcare industry and this impact has made both physicians and patients to adapt…


Enhancing Local Listings & Health Review Profiles to Stay In Front of Patients

Before the global pandemic took the world by storm, healthcare was one of the last remaining industries that predominantly occurred…

Valet Health & DataBiologics Combined Value For Data-Driven Physicians

Valet Health, a healthcare digital marketing company, comes together in a strategic partnership with DataBiologics, a robust data collection platform…

The Importance of Adaptability in Healthcare

When people visit a doctor’s office, they aren’t just interested in how their physician treats them. It is about the…

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